Top honors for new products that represent major technical advancements in the field of professional lighting go to High End Systems, Lee Filters, Pathway Connectivity, Rosco, and Wybron on Friday, December 7, 2001 as Entertainment Design magazine celebrates the 10th anniversary of the EDDY Awards. The 2001 EDDY Awards will be presented at John Jay College Theatre (899 10th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets) in New York City, with an 8:30pm awards ceremony following a 7:00pm cocktail party. This special 10th anniversary EDDY event also includes six awards (both group and individual) to outstanding designers and technicians, as well as a tribute to all past winners, and a special salute to a talented group of young designers.

To recognize technical advancement in the fields of professional lighting and audio, the editors of Entertainment Design magazine work with a panel of industry experts to select a group of products that are new to the market this year. "This is a very exciting group of products that point to the future of entertainment technology," says David Johnson, editor of Entertainment Design. "This has been a very strong year in the development of lighting products, especially accessories that can be used by people in all aspects of the industry."

This year’s EDDY Award-winning lighting products are:

Lighting System: High End Systems - Catalyst

The worlds of lighting design and projection design merge in this intriguing system co-developed by High End Systems and Wynne-Willson Gotellier. Designed to provide real-time control of every aspect of an image directly from a lighting console, the Catalyst™ features a periscopic orbital transmissive device that can adapt to the front of any large-venue, three-chip DLP projector, plus a software package containing a variety of moving and still imagery and gobos. Lighting designers for concerts, sporting events and other large-scale projects are drooling over this one.

Lighting Accessory I: Lee Filters - Quick Roll

Quick Roll is a time and money-saving system composed of a color filter roll already cut to standard fixture color frame widths; all users need to do is cut off what they need and they’re ready to go, eliminating all that needless waste. All rolls are 25’ long and are sold by the inch, up to 46" wide (standard rolls are 48" wide.) Users have a choice of over 200 colors. The panel felt that economics is the name of the game and that this product is one of those ideas of "why didn’t anyone think of this before!" It really cuts down on the waste left over from cutting color for lighting fixtures.

Lighting Accessory II: Rosco - Image Pro

The ability to make full-color gobo projections available at an extremely low cost is a godsend to budget-conscious lighting designers, and the Rosco Image Pro does exactly that. Using high-resolution plastic gobos from Rosco or generated by one’s own computer and ink-jet printer, the Image Pro provides truly affordable full-color projections in a matter of minutes. The panel was very impressed by the affordable way in which you can get any image that you can create into a standard ellipsoidal spotlight.

Lighting Accessory III: Wybron - Eclipse II

Designed over 40 years ago by theatre legend George Izenour, acknowledged worldwide for his superb technical expertise, but never produced commercially until now, the Eclipse II is a variable speed iris douser with linear control using a single motor with one channel of DMX. The panel really liked this iris douser and the smooth and seamless fades that can be accomplished. You know can realistically fade fixtures that use non-dimmable arc and Metal Halide sources, which are becoming more and more prevalent in lighting design today.

Software: Pathway Connectivity - Pathport Manager

The PC software companion for the Pathport DMX network, the Pathport Manager provides easy access to the features of the Pathport DMX and Ethernet control. Freely downloadable from the Pathport website, the software has an intuitive graphical interface, drag and drop functionality, and the ability to easily access all the features of the Pathport system, including input merge, node and port labeling, and backlight control. The panel could see the light at the end of the tunnel known as ACN. This software package and the Pathport system really show the way towards the future of control in the theatre.

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