As always Stagetec Distribution will be sharing a stand (#E40) with Compulite at PLASA this year where they will launch a range of new products that include:

VECTOR GREEN: The new Vector Green console ispremiering at PLASA 2004. It is the smallest console in the range, but has the same power and flexibility of the larger versions. Vector Green still utilizes two powerful processors to ensure maximum stability and has all the features of the larger consoles with one built-in color touchscreen and one external monitor, ten playback faders, a separate crossfade playback, 4 on board DMX outputs and a further 12 over Ethernet. Vector Green is designed to follow on from the popular SparkTOP system by providing a light and portable, yet powerful control console. It will be supplied complete with a clip-on cover to enable easy transport.

VECTOR iCONTROL: iControl is designed around the Compaq iPAQ pocket PC. It uses Ethernet to communicate with the Compulite Vector console, either cable or radio via an Access Point. With it's backlit color LCD screen, it provides the important editing features including channel, spot, and memory selection; cue and cue list recall and recording; dimmer testing; fixture highlighting plus access to the five Vector wheels and wheel banks.

Dlite RANGE OF AFFORDABLE AND FLEXIBLE CONSOLES: To compliment the Vector range, all consoles in the Dlite range will feature a built in touchscreen plus external monitor, 20 playbacks, a dedicated A/B crossfade playback, internal flash disk and interfaces for Ethernet, SMPTE, MIDI, audio and DMX input. Three consoles will be available at PLASA: the first will be compact and optimized for fully programmable operation. Two further consoles in the range are designed to provide seamless integration between manual and programmable operation, one with 24/48 faders and the second with 36/72.

COMPUSINE: CompuSine is a pure voltage transformer which has controllable ratio between the input and output voltage. Both input and output are pure sine wave at any load and at any dimming level. CompuSine, available in modules of either 4 x 2.5kW, 4 x 3kW or 2 x 5kW, adds a new dimension of flexibility to the popular Compulite CompuDIM digital dimming range. The new CompuSINE modules can be fitted into any CompuDIM 2000 dimmer system.