The additional sales stock space requirements required to service continued sales growth has resulted in Selecon having to move their US warehousing facility to larger premises. “It’s another step made necessary by our success in the US market and therefore very welcome,” says Jeremy Collins, Selecon’s president in making the announcement. “The combination of high build quality, innovative features and leading performance are seeing our Selecon ellipsoidals, Fresnels, and cyc fixtures being used in an ever increasing number of colleges, community theatres, schools, and churches around the country. We are using this opportunity to integrate our distribution and sales office in Maryland to simplify our dealer and market support.”

Since Selecon entered the US and Canadian markets four years ago with their comprehensive range of theatrical and architectural fixtures one of the best decisions made was to establish a stocking warehouse. To date this has been provided by the New England Barbizon facility.

Collins acknowledges, “The Barbizon Boston team have done a fantastic job managing our sales orders and dealer shipping for us. Special thanks to Tom McGrath who has always made it happen for our dealers around the country. This support service has been a significant factor in building our business and reputation in North America.”

The Maryland facility will be operational on February 2nd, 2004. Scott Church, Selecon’s US regional sales manager will be located there from this date. All contact phone numbers remain unchanged.

The new address is:

Selecon USA
500-A Bynum Road
Forest Hill, MD 21050
Tel / Fax: 410-378-2964