Rosco Laboratories will offer a series of free day-long workshops around the country, starting on September 30th at Boston University. The balance of the fall/winter schedule includes Atlanta on October 11th and 13th, San Diego on November 16th, Tampa on December 9th, and Miami on December 14th.

The morning program revolves around lighting for theatre and television. The workshop leader demonstrates how to use ordinary spotlights and gobos to create such effects as fire, water, rain, and kinetic movement. Tips and techniques on how you can create more imaginative effects and projections will also be offered.

The afternoon program is geared for people who create or build scenery or scenic pieces or props. In this session, the workshop leader demonstrates techniques for achieving various finishes. Included among these are simulated brick or adobe walls, wood grains and wallpapers. Shaping, finishing and flameproofing a wide variety of materials, including foams and fabrics will also be discussed.

Rosco has been conducting these Professional Development Workshops for the past three years. They are widely attended by people who practice, teach or are still learning stagecraft skills. Technical directors, lighting designers, charge scenics, college and high school teachers, and music ministers generally make up a large part of the attendees.

The workshops are free, but advance registration is required. For details, see the Rosco web site at