, the truss safety product originally developed by Total Fabrications, is also now being made and sold by the Prolyte Products Group based in Holland. Speaking of this major collaboration, Total Fabrications Ltd’s (TFL) managing director Chris Cronin says “Since T2 was first launched in 2000, we envisaged the T2 system as the new standard of safety for trussing with fall arrest and that it should be available from more than one major truss manufacturer. A separate company, T2 Systems Limited, was established to manage the various patents, registered designs and trade marks that cover T2 and to license its production to suitable manufacturers in the industry.”

Cronin continues, “T2 systems are in use across the UK and abroad – including two major London venues. With work underway on an exciting new installation in the South West and a number of other UK-based projects, it is only natural that a manufacturer in mainland Europe should want to be able to offer the product too.”

Speaking for Prolyte, managing director Fokko Smeding explains, “Since the launch of T2 we have been convinced of the importance of the product in the event industry due to its integral protection against falls from height, its high performance and connectivity. The concept of the T2 system links seamlessly with our belief in producing safe truss and promoting safe working practices. We are very pleased to be able to add this state of the art truss system to our product range.”

T2 Systems' managing director, Robert Brightley states “T2 utilizes modern materials and innovative design which are both well suited to Prolyte's impressive high tech manufacturing facility in Holland. I am delighted that Prolyte are the first truss manufacturer to take a license after TFL. They will both now make T2 under a license arrangement from T2 Systems Limited. This is an important step in making the T2 system available to a wider market and the broader manufacturing base will further underpin the product, which is already being adopted as the new safety standard for truss in the entertainment industry."

The T2 support system is striking in design, innovative in construction, and feature rich. Above all it is like no other truss you've ever seen.

T2 is a new and advanced demountable structural system with integral protection for personnel against falls from a height. T2 is designed for typical truss applications; its structural and practical performance is superior to traditional products; it offers safer methods of climbing and working at height; it can sustain the loads arising during an arrested fall and facilitates safe rescue.

Key components of the system include: modular truss, energy absorbing lanyard with twin mobile anchor points, t-clamp, rigging hardware, and accessories.

Its integrated design addresses the needs of personnel safety when operating at height. The truss is constructed from a custom designed extrusion, not round tube. The square profile has safety benefits; it is more comfortable to walk along reducing operator fatigue; and its ribbed surface makes the user more sure footed.

A 'T' channel is integrated into the extrusion on all four chords, the dedicated personnel safety attachment fixes directly to this channel, providing a mobile but direct anchor point.

This channel provides for all attachment needs, personnel security, lighting, video, and audio; all attach to the channel, dispensing with the need for hook clamps. All the various attachment fittings conform to CE standards.

The trussing web – it's diagonal bracing – is also quite different. By passing the web in 3D through the center of the truss, there is far less structural clutter for the user to catch their feet on.

This 3D web greatly increases lateral strength making the trauma of sudden load in unpredictable directions (an arrested fall) less stressful on the truss.

Developed and designed by in house engineers and safety experts from within the entertainment industry, the T2 system addresses every need, in a completely integrated fashion. By making the personnel safety feature part of the trussing structure, the convenience and performance of both truss and personnel protection system are unequaled.

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