Interconnect manufacturer Pro Co Sound is planning education seminars as part of an Education Network with support from Neutrik® USA.

A key component of the network has been designated The Knights of The Round Cable. Its goal is to assist in providing technical knowledge to aspiring musicians and technicians in the world of audio and entertainment. A knight of the round cable is someone skilled and knowledgeable in all facets of audio production and Pro Co product solutions.

In the next five years this group will expand to 100 audio technicians around the country. And eventually, the 100 will include recording/live engineers, guitar/bass/keyboard technicians, and integrated communications specialists. These people will enjoy a free exchange of ideas, R & D opportunities, access to Pro Co’s catalog, and non-binding endorsement opportunities.

Company officials say the rollout of the network will be gradual with prototype seminars scheduled for the manufacturer’s Southwest Michigan base of operations. The first of those seminars is scheduled for Monday, July 9 in conjunction with Neutrik USA and Brown & Brown Recording Studios in Kalamazoo.

For more information about the seminar and the Education Network, call project director Victor Brown at (616)383-6267.