Martin Audio has chosen the Power Group for and marketing representation of its loudspeakers, amplifiers and other audio lines in Canada.

Specializing in the musical instrument, pro audio and system contracting markets, Power covers Canada coast to coast, with sales reps in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. The company distributes DK-Audio, Lab. Gruppen, Tannoy, DPA Microphones, T.C. Electronic, Joe Meek, PRS Guitars, Line Six, SWR and other leading brands, and has recently added distribution and third party logistic services.

Commenting on the appointment, Power’s Systems Contracting Manager Derek Black says, “We are excited to be given the opportunity to represent Martin Audio in Canada. The name Martin Audio has a rich history from the early 70’s with the 115 bass horn, on through LE series monitors and ‘Philishave’, the world’s first dedicated mid-range horn.

“We applaud Martin’s design philosophy of striving to match increasing SPLs with reliability and effective dispersion, while minimizing distortion,” Black continues. “Martin Audio’s product range brings us into touring and theatre sound reinforcement, architectural and commercial installations, cinema, and portable club systems. With Martin Audio, we now have high SPL enclosures with excellent pattern control to handle larger spaces and applications, with their appropriate rigging and flying systems.”

For more about Power, contact:
Power Group Ltd.
6415 Northwest Drive, Unit 22
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4V 1X1
Phone: (905) 405-1229
Fax: (905) 405-1885

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