To celebrate the opening of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Entertainment Technology Press with Theatre Projects Trust has published Walt Disney Concert Hall--The Backstage Story by Patricia MacKay and Richard Pilbrow.

Spanning the 16-year history of the design and construction of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the book provides a detailed behind-the-scenes story of the design and technology from a variety of viewpoints. It is also the first book to reveal the process behind the design of a concert hall--how it is not solely the product of architect and acoustician, but a meld of architecture, acoustics, and theatre design, together with the necessary engineering disciplines. Featured in the book are interviews with members of the design team and representatives of the Los Angeles Philharmonic; a general discussion of concert hall design; a theatre consultant’s diary, as well as contributions from the theatre consulting team, sound system designer, and key performance equipment manufacturers.

Patricia MacKay has been a publisher, editor, writer, and journalist. She published the entertainment technology industry trade magazines Theatre Crafts International (now Entertainment Design) and Lighting Dimensions. She founded the annual trade show and seminar event, LDI. Since 1996 she has been working both as a writer and producer for entertainment and publishing industry clients.

Richard Pilbrow is a lighting designer and theatre design consultant and was the principal theatre consultant on the Walt Disney Concert Hall. He is founder and Chairman of Theatre Projects Consultants, theatre design consultants for over 800 projects in 50 countries worldwide. He is the author of Stage Lighting, an international teaching text, and his book Stage Lighting Design – the Art, the Craft, the Life was published in 1997.

The book contains 240 pages, featuring 200 drawings and illustrations, 140 in color. Walt Disney Concert Hall - The Backstage Story (ISBN 1 904031 23 4) may be ordered directly on-line from Entertainment Technology Press at