Demand for a state-of-the-art striplight has been answered! ETC combines the unsurpassed optics and energy-savings of their acclaimed Source Four PAR (EA) with the functionality and flexibility of the classic striplight. Lamped with the powerful HPL and using the space-saving Source Four PAR design, this is definitely a new generation's striplight. The patented lamp -- 375W, 575W or 750W -- offers amazing energy efficiency, providing more illumination with more than 40% less energy use. The high-density, high-output Source Four MultiPAR shines with brilliant new washes of color and dazzling white light.

The simple elegance of the ETC Source Four PAR design is maintained throughout the MultiPAR fixtures, allowing easy lamp replacement and a beautiful factory focus from the first moment you turn them on.

ETC offers the convenience and flexibility of five standard fixture configurations: 3-, 4- & 12-cell versions in the familiar "strip" design. Two 3x3 versions, a yoke-mounted unit and a stand-mounted unit with in-line switches, are also available.

The compact design of the MultiPAR allows ETC to offer twelve lamps in one eight-foot-long strip. Because lighting designers' needs change between three- and four-color striplight designs, ETC engineered MultiPAR's circuiting to be switchable between three and four circuits. From one job to another, you have the flexibility to use the same striplight for three circuits of four or four circuits of three lamps.

End users will also be pleased to cut down on lamp inventory. Instead of all those VNSP, NSP, MFL, and WFL par lamps, each cell in the MultiPAR comes with four lenses and just one HPL lamp.

Television, film, and concert lighting now have a new, powerful light source. The 3-cell-by-3-cell MultiPAR configurations blast past any current punch-light configuration, with more lumens per watt. The MultiPAR-9-V is stand mounted, with in-line switches for complete control over light output without changing color temperature.