Seattle-based MODE Studios has developed Media Modes ™, themed collections of digital content created specifically for the needs of designers for use in any of today's popular media servers. MODE Studios is the production facility of LDI 2003 Projection Designers of the Year, Bob and Colleen Bonniol.

"We started getting a lot of feedback from friends, vendors, and fellow designers who said there was a real need for content that was tuned for live production," says Bob Bonniol, principal, MODE Studios. "There is a lot of stock footage out there, but none of it is specifically created for display onstage. So, we’ve set about creating volumes of media that are scenic, that are produced with the timing needs of live performance in mind, and that allow maximum flexibility when used with the features of any media server."

The first three collections in the Media Modes series are Vegas Baby™, Crack House™, and Big Backdrops 1™. Vegas Baby™ features full motion clips of glittering light walls, chasing neon shapes, and retro Vegas graphics for masking and layering. Crack House™ paves the way to gritty streets, dark industrial gloom, and powerful graphics that travel a seamier side. Big Backdrops 1™ provides theatrical designers with high definition panoramic scenic backdrops that range from the photographic to the fantastical.

"Each collection will have a selection of moving clips, high resolution, full color stills, and themed black and white images to be used as a mask or a gobo," says Colleen Bonniol. "We will be including tips and tricks for programming possibilities with the media, as well as other bonus materials."

The collections will be available individually, with a special purchase price for all three.

The first three collections will premiere at this year’s LDI show in Las Vegas, with further collections already in the works. "This will be a resource for lighting and projection designers to pull shows together as quickly as the new technology allows," Bob Bonniol adds. "These collections are economical design tools that can get designers well along the way to fantastic visual presentation."

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