MediaMation of Torrance, CA, under the auspices of Bowman Design Group and Pinnacle Exhibits, provided a variety of show control and multi-media equipment for two exhibits at the National Academy of Science's new Marian Koshland Science Museum.

The installation includes critical software applications and interactive mechanical equipment, as well as A-V equipment including electronics, computers, media players, and plasma screens. Scheduled to open April 23rd in Washington DC, the exhibits will remain at the Koshland for approximately two years before touring to other museums throughout the country.

According to founding president and chief systems designer Dan Jamele, the Koshland Science Museum represents the type of project that is a perfect match for MediaMation, whose high-profile credits include numerous world-class theme parks, attractions and museums in Southern California, Orlando, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Australia, Bermuda, and Europe, as well as the motion pictures Jurassic Park 2, The Perfect Storm, Godzilla, and most recently, Terminator 3.

At the Koshland Museum, MediaMation’s equipment and technical expertise were employed for both major exhibits "Putting DNA to Work" and "Global Warming Facts & Our Future." These exhibits involve a variety of sophisticated interactive displays utilizing MM’s new award-winning VidShow technology and ShowFlow software.

"Our software allowed us to facilitate changes in a rapid manner with a minimum of changes in the media," says Don Scott, MediaMation Project Manager. "What makes Showflow so dynamic is that we can program in a nonlinear environment. This saves the client money and time because they do not need to rework an entire media presentation to make changes. We started working on the museum in August, and were able to deliver this project in mid-October to the client for focus group testing. This type of flexibility is what is needed for projects of this scale to be successful."

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