The glittering atmosphere of Las Vegas has come to China at the Panyu Chime-Long Night Zoo, a unique nighttime safari attraction located in Panyu, a district in the city of Guangzhou, China. With thousands of outstanding color effects and wild animal attractions, Panyu Chime-Long Night Zoo rivals anything Las Vegas has to offer.

The zoo is home to a 10,000-seat domed amphitheater where Galaxy Stars, a space-themed Las Vegas-like circus show, is performed. The unique zoo attraction has invested in more than one hundred Martin Professional intelligent lights, making it one of the largest Martin installs in China.

Galaxy Stars, so named in recognition of China’s emergence as a space-faring nation, features unique human and animal acts. Completely restaged by an impressive team of American choreographers that includes Emmy Award winning director Doriana Sanchez, an important aspect of the redesign is a new intelligent lighting system used to highlight the central stage/center ring, backdrops and acts.

A Martin Maxxyz lighting console controls a rig of 40 MAC 2000 Profile, 20 MAC 2000 Wash, 16 MAC 2000 Performance, 28 MAC 500 profile spots, 8 MAC 600 washlights and 12 MAC 300 washlights. Four Jem ZR 24/7 hazers are used for atmospheric effect and mid air projection canopy.

Lighting design for the new show was by Las Vegas-based LD Jeff Johnson with Maxxyz programming completed by Martin US’s Michael Nevitt. Martin Hong Kong’s Maxxyz trainer Wong Kwok Kei also provided Maxxyz instruction. All Martin lighting was supplied through Martin Hong Kong with both the Hong Kong and Guangzhou offices instrumental on the project.

Apart from the special lighting effects, dazzling costumes and outstanding behind-the-scenes personnel, Chime-Long Night Zoo has gathered an outstanding troupe of talent from the United States and Russia to perform the unique feats.