Maxedia, Martin Professional's entree into the world of media servers, is capable of handling digital media ranging from images, video, 3D graphics, etc., output as a video signal to video/plasma screens or any type of video image projector. With a stocked media library for access to special effects, Maxedia incorporates 3D effects and mapping (bitmap or video), real-time layer manipulation, and various playback and real-time transition effects. The system includes integrated DMX control, providing full control of both lighting and video elements. It runs up to a maximum of 20 layers simultaneously, depending on the type of layer.

One interesting feature of Maxedia is its ability to manipulate images in real-time, without the need for offsite editing. Real-time changes appear instantly with no delays. Effects such as ocean scenes for example can be manipulated various ways–intensity of wave, waveform change from peak to smooth, etc.–all edited on the Maxedia in real time, producing effects ranging from a quiet smooth stretch of water to a thundery storm. Effects are then saved as a preset cue, ready for immediate playback.

Programming is done on the system itself, as opposed to using DMX alone, and playback is then completed via DMX. However, programming and playback can be done without the use of a DMX lighting console. No more than 25 DMX channels are used.

Additional Maxedia news including specifications, a Media Exchange Library, and more can be viewed on Maxedia’s own website at