A wide variety of lighting industry companies is supporting this year's Broadway Lighting Master Classes and will be on hand to show attendees the latest in entertainment technology. Those companies include A.C.T Lighting, Altman Lighting, Apollo Design Technology, Big Apple Lights, City Theatrical, Coemar, Color Kinetics, ETC, Fourth Phase, GAM Products, High End Systems, InLight Gobos, Kenneth Longert Productions, Le Maitre, Lee Filters, MDG, Martin Professional, Rosco, Rose Brand, Scharff Weisberg, Selecon, Strand Lighting, TMB, Vari-Lite, and Wybron. BLMC attendees will have two separate two-hour sessions to meet with company representatives, see their newest products, and learn about industry trends. The BLMC runs June 25-27, with a stellar faculty led by Jules Fisher, plus the chance to see and discuss the new Broadway revival of Gypsy. For more information, visit the BLMC website.