Design & Drafting announced the release of version 04.1, a maintenance update for LD Assistant Ac and LD Assistant PL.

This new release offers a variety of additional support for controlling real world objects from within the CAD program. LD Assistant 04 is offered as a plug-in to AutoCAD 2004/5, (LD Assistant PL) or as a standalone CAD program (LD Assistant Ac) built with the AutoCAD 2004 CAD engine and technology.

Rufus Warren, president of Design & Drafting, states, "LD Assistant 04 has been a huge success for us and offers the users dramatic improvements in control over moving lights and mechanical objects. Version 04.1 builds on the success of LD Assistant with improved rendering functionality, volume light, and lens effects. Moreover, LD Assistant 04 is the first CAD program to Shatter the Barriers between CAD and Real-Time Visualization."

LD Assistant 04 users may download the 04.1 update at no charge from the company's website, .