Hak Kwon "Kevin" Kim has been appointed as head of the Seoul office of d&b audiotechnik South Korea. Before opening this office Kim distributed d&b audiotechnik in the Korean market for many years. Prior to that he was extensively involved at management level in the leisure industry and was a director of KOREX, one of South Korea’s largest PA rental companies.

"From my previous years working with d&b audiotechnik, I knew their systems had considerable potential in the Korean market, when the opportunity arose to open a d&b audiotechnik office I welcomed this closer association with the company," said Kim. "I have already begun to establish a distribution network with Dae Sung Media in Seoul, and db Sound in Tae Gu City and intend to expand this in the coming months." Kim is joined at d&b audiotechnik by Jae Hoon Sohn who provides technical and sales support for the region.

A variety of d&b audiotechnik systems have recently been supplied to the Korea Broadcasting System and to the International Youth Federation, which boasts a network of some 200 churches around the country. KOREX, Kim’s old company has also purchased a d&b audiotechnik C4 system including C3s and M2 stage monitors.

"With a young, new market, hungry for quality goods, I’ve every reason to believe that d&b audiotechnik will be very successful in South Korea," concludes Kim.