Harman Pro North America (HPNA), the United States distributor for AMEK, BSS Audio and Soundcraft, announced that it has relocated all of its operations from Nashville, TN, to Northridge, CA.

According to HPNA vice president and general manager Kim Templeman-Holmes, the move will enhance service by providing customers with support until 6pm PST. "From our new location in Northridge, we can support customers in all time zones until the very end of their business day," says Templeman-Holmes. "At the same time, because we are integrated within the larger Harman campus, we will be able to facilitate communications from the field to all levels of Harman management and maximize synergies with the other Harman brands."

Coincident with the relocation announcement, Harman Pro North America also said that it has now added a fourth Harman International company to its portfolio - Studer. Templeman-Holmes comments, "Studer's longstanding reputation for delivering some of the professional audio industry's finest products is certainly well known. And forward-thinking new offerings like the Vista 7 digital production mixer demonstrate that the company is not simply content to rest on its laurels. We look forward to bringing Studer's products to a wider customer base throughout the United States."

Studer Professional Audio AG President Bruno Hochstrasser views the new HPNA relationship as a way to maximize customer satisfaction: "Prior to this, the distribution of Studer's products in the United States was handled by our affiliate in Canada. Allowing Harman Pro North America to spearhead sales and support activities on its own soil should reduce response times and costs, both of which will benefit our American customers."

New contact information for Harman Pro North America and its brands is as follows:

Harman Pro North America
8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91329
Tel: 818-920-3212 / Fax: 818-920-3208

AMEK: www.amek.com
BSS Audio: www.bss.co.uk
Soundcraft: www.soundcraft.com
Studer: www.studer.ch

AMEK, BSS Audio and Soundcraft are British manufacturers of audio mixing consoles and/or signal processing devices serving live and distributed sound, theatre, broadcast, recording and post production markets. Studer AG, founded by Willi Studer in 1948 and headquartered in Regensdorf, Switzerland, is a manufacturer of digital and analog mixing consoles, tape recorders and other high-end products for broadcast and recording applications. All four brands are distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America, a subsidiary of Harman International.