Field Template

, has now launched SoftSymbols™ for VectorWorks®. Template Master Steve Shelley has used the symbols from his award-winning series of Field Templates® to craft and upgrade the SpotLight lighting symbol package. Working in conjunction with every major lighting manufacturer, each product line has been re-designed with it’s own distinctive symbol shape. Each hybrid symbol is physically accurate, data-sound, and meticulously shaped. It includes lighting symbols that were previously overlooked, along with icons representing all of the latest products, including Wybron’s Nexera, High End’s Color Command, Coemar’s iflex series, and ETC’s Revolution.

Comparing Martin automated luminaires in current SpotLight and in SoftSymbols.

SoftSymbols is a lighting symbol package built in VectorWorks, designed to work with either SpotLight or AutoPlot. SoftSymbols bridges the gap between the analog and digital worlds; the symbols are based on the same icons used in Field Templates©. Hand-traced corrections on your light plot will match the existing symbols on the printed plot.

Not only is each product line completed, entirely new sections have been added to the package. SoftSymbols includes the entire Arri™ product line, as well as an extensive array of SpotLight Lighting Positions. The package also introduces 2D Drafting Elements, containing symbols for foggers, headsets, and scale bars.

Features include the latest products; over 1,500 symbols, almost twice the number of shapes included in other VectorWorks packages; over 20 manufacturers; all symbols 12 mill line weight; no color cartridges needed; few internal lines; and the symbols are the physical size of the instruments. The package includes SpotLight Lighting Postions; 2D drafting elements; the 60 page SoftGuide©, explaining the craft and manipulation of VectorWorks® symbols; SoftMaps© that graphically shows all of the symbols; and manufacturer contact information.

General Partner Fred Allen announced: “In it’s continued commitment to the industry, Field Template will add product lines and provide product support. Updates and upgrades will be provided on the company’s web site at” Shelley added: “When I have time!”

The mission of SoftSymbols is to be the single source for all symbols for all major lighting manufacturers. Since the icon design is guided by a singular clarity of design, the product has been hailed as “The Rosetta Stone of CAD lighting symbols.”

The package has an MSR of $75.00 and you can download the package at