SmartPack is the simple-to-use dimming solution for small entertainment or touring applications. ETC puts Sensor-level, SCR-based technological elegance into this new 19 inch, two-space rack-mount unit. SmartPack offers six 2400-watt or twelve 1200-watt channels of dimming density in a super-compact space -- for half the price of other portable dimmers.

SmartPack's all-magnetic circuit breakers are 100% rated to avoid nuisance tripping.

SmartPack does DMX and much more. It's ready to upgrade to next-generation DMX512A show control and RDM (Remote Device Management). With built-in presets and a sequencer, SmartPack can run on its own -- without a console -- automating permanent displays and presentations. The Sequencer makes setting up fadetimes and holdtimes easy and intuitive. The power-up behavior provides convenient hands-off operation, day after day.

SmartPack quickly adapts to the next venue: Change from single- to three-phase operation easily, whenever the need presents itself. Like all ETC portable dimmers, SmartPack is a road warrior. The rugged all-steel case aces the US-transport road test, tolerating extreme vibration, up to 8g. And for extreme low maintenance, the tough frontpanel protects circuit breakers from cables and accidental switching, while the elegant design and construction minimizes need for servicing.

For extreme versatility and convenience, SmartPack offers a full range of output connectors (Edison, Stage Pin, Twist-Lock, Neutrik PowerCon, Japanese C, Socapex-compatible, Harting, TenBe, Schuko, C-Form 16A, and on) along with multi-language capability as standard. Shock-tested and built to take abuse, SmartPack is UL/cUL LISTED and CE Marked. Available in six voltage and current ratings for all global markets, SmartPack means extreme adaptability and performance.