IES sine wave dimming

Global lighting manufacturer ETC showed its newly acquired IES iSine dimming brand. At PLASA 2004. iSine, a groundbreaking core dimming engine developed by Dutch dimming innovator IES, is being marketed as the world’s most advanced, proven sine wave technology.

Sine wave dimming technology eliminates the filament noise ("lamp singing" or buzz) associated with other types of dimming. IES iSine dimming technology is not only silent but provides an alternative "green" solution by virtually eliminating harmonic distortion, minimizing reactive power, and benefiting from lower volt drop. Other benefits reported by users include energy savings and reduction in electricity costs, improved lamp-life for savings on maintenance and, thanks to the reduced volt drop, less heat dissipation. iSine also saves on infrastructure costs through the downsizing of cables, switchgear and transformers.

Since sine wave dimming can be located wherever it is needed throughout a facility, therefore, iSine delivers increased application flexibility, because dimming is not restricted to a dimmer room. iSine is a powerful alternative or a complement to SCR-based, phase-control systems.

Winner of Showtech’s Best Product Award (Berlin 2003), iSine technology is anchored by four years of successful professional installations, with high-profile European clients that include venues such as Amsterdam’s Het Muziektheater, Munich’s Residenz Theatre, and all three auditoria of London’s National Theatre. TV and film studios such as MTV Europe, TVE Spain, and the venerable BBC benefit from using iSine sine wave dimming.
iSine is a Trade Mark of ETC, Inc.

Avab Congo control system
At PLASA, the Pronto! Team, which will remain intact for future upgrade work, is releasing Congo, an exciting new generation of lighting controls that merge a classical theatre control system with a state of the art moving light system. PLASA 2004, ETC previewed Congo, its latest console development with the Avab brand. Congo combines the power of Avab’s and ETC’s lighting control experience. The console provides end users basic functions for everyday work with conventional lights, while providing the full functionality of a dedicated moving light console. The board is simple and easy to use, as users do not rely on a mouse for programming.

According to Bullen Lagerbielke, three-time lighting operator, assistant LD for the Eurovision Song Contest, and member of the Avab board development team: "With Congo we can operate in any traditional theatre, studio, or opera environment. We can also manage hundreds of moving lights, if necessary, without getting bogged down in mouse operations and computer menus."

"Congo was designed in direct response to the needs of end users," says Avab designer Ulf Sandström. "Until recently, theatre lighting control meant mainly preprogrammed sequences of conventional lights, while concert lighting control suggested moving lights and improvisation. But practices are rapidly changing…. Moving lights often dominate a rig. …. At the end of the day we want instant compatibility with any standard lighting protocol."

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Safari Software Upgrade, Free for Limited Time
ETC also announced the release of a new version of Safari software, Version 3.5. This is the first of several releases of Safari within the next year. The handling of moving lights has been improved to allow for simple editing of sequence attribute links and attribute times. Also, many popular Pronto! features have been integrated, such as the Channel Layout tool and the storage of Palettes by moving device or device type, allowing you to save and reuse color palettes in many time saving ways. The new 3.5 version of Safari operates in the Jaguar console and all other existing VLC systems, such as Viking, Panther, Lynx and Tiger.

For a limited time, Safari users can take advantage of a free Safari v3.5 upgrade offer by simply registering your name and system details at a new Avab website administered by ETC: By indicating which Avab system you have, you will be sent the Safari upgrade, free of charge, until the end of the year. Avab will then also notify you directly whenever a new version is available for purchase. The free download runs in systems with a minimum processing power of 800MHz and 64 MB RAM. If you have a system running Safari v2.0 or older, contact your dealer for a hardware upgrade.

ETC SmartFade
SmartFade, the newest addition to ETC’s Smart solutions line, is a compact lighting console ideal for first-time users, educational establishments, and amateur groups.

SmartFade has three operating modes: Two Preset, Normal and DMX Backup. For novice or first-time users, the simple two-preset mode provides an easy-to-operate 12 or 24 channel, two-preset console with a manual or timed crossfade section, bump buttons with master, and a grand master. Normal mode is designed for more experienced users, providing 48 or 96 channels with 288 or 576 memories and 48 sequences. The DMX512 input facility enables SmartFade to be used as a replacement for ETC’s Reflection backup console, providing seamless and sophisticated backup for any DMX512 lighting console and ensuring that the show does indeed go on. In this mode, the unit provides 23 or 47 backup looks of 512 channels each, with backups recorded as dimmer snapshots.

SmartFade is available in two specifications: the smaller 12/48 channel version is 46x25x6cm, weighs just 3kg and is available with a 19" Rack Mount Kit, while the 24/96 channel model is 23cm wider and only 1.5kg heavier.

Control interfaces include MIDI or USB to a pc. MIDI and USB software will be continually developed and updates will be available to download direct from the Internet. A standard, off-the-shelf power supply ensures that SmartFade can be used anywhere in the world, which makes SmartFade ideal for rental and touring.