Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.

, announces the appointment of Eddy Vermeersch as Meyer Sound's Director of Asia-Pacific Technical Support. His primary responsibilities are providing design and commissioning support for new installations and rental rigs sold in these territories, and reinforcing Meyer Sound's marketing activities in the region. Based in Thailand, Vermeersch can be in close communication with Meyer Sound's distributors and clients in Asia, who are in the same time zone, and is well positioned for travel around the Asia-Pacific region.

Vermeersch has enjoyed a long and varied career in the audio industry. He studied electronics engineering in Leuven, Belgium and spent his twenties working around Europe, both with proprietary sound systems and as a freelance engineer for music concerts, discos, fashion shows, tours, festivals, and other outdoor events. As a sideline he rigged touring systems and installation projects, including flying whale skeletons in the natural history museum in Paris, and designed his own rigging systems. "Rigging is still my favorite hobby besides sound engineering," he says.

Vermeersch initially headed east to spend some time in Papua New Guinea, where he wound up handling the PA for a papal visit to Port Moresby in the early nineties. From here he worked for a PA company in Malaysia before traveling to Thailand to work for a production company on international acts, often handling entire Asian tours. He took care of technical co-ordination, production logistics, system design, monitor and system engineering, backline tech, rigging engineering and whatever else it took to get the show going.

Moving into the manufacturing domain, Vermeersch joined Crest Audio's Asian office in Phuket, Thailand, as application and service engineer for the Asian and Pacific regions, where he set up service labs, trained engineers and performed onsite trouble shooting duties. When he was offered a position with Meyer Sound as the company's first Asian support engineer, Vermeersch says he didn't think twice. "Now it's back to the real thing - sound systems - and with the number one loudspeaker manufacturer. For me, the difference with Meyer Sound is the fact that the company is still independent and its owner is leading the live sound industry in R&D. This, complemented with an incredibly strong team of professionals who love what they do, greatly distinguishes Meyer Sound and its products from the rest of the pack."

Recent projects Vermeersch has worked on with Meyer equipment include Planet disco install and Anchol shows in Indonesia, an install at Pasir Ris in Singapore, the PATA show in Malaysia and Spaceship and Modesto clubs in Vietnam, as well as numerous projects in China including the Fountain Club, National Games closing ceremony, the Three Tenors in Beijing, national soccer shows, Channel V Awards and the Chinese New Year CCTV show 2002.