Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, has signed agreements with six industry-leading manufacturer's representatives to market and distribute its Precision Line projection systems. The addition of these companies brings the total number of rep firms DPI is working with in North America to 13.

The companies, ANSR, AV Partners, Culotta Communication, Dobbs Stanford Corporation, Muckle Sales, and Omnimedia Florida, will work with Digital Projection's regional market development managers to bolster DPI's brand presence and sales opportunities in markets such as corporate, worship, education, government, digital media and home entertainment for its single-chip DLP iVision series and 3-chip DLP MERCURY series Precision Line displays. Though each company has its own unique strengths and sales prowess with certain customers or markets, all the rep firms DPI works with are recognized for providing superior customer services, both before and after the sale.

In addition to the six new firms, DPI works with Sapphire Marketing, HP Marketing, Audio Associates, C2 West, Visitec, Advanced A/V Systems and E.D.A. Sales. DPI began working with rep firms for the first time in 2003.