db Integrated Systems, LLC

announced that it will begin operations on May 1. The company was formed by David McNutt, James Wicker, and Harry Witz. McNutt who has been in the industry for 28 years with manufacturers, contractors, and system integrators, is president of the new firm. James Wicker, vice president, has many years experience in operations, project management, and system design for telecommunications and AV systems. Wicker will run the operations of the company and oversee technology. Witz, president of db Sound, Inc., and the entity of db Sound, Inc. are also members in the new LLC and bring unprecedented experience to the professional sound fixed installation market.

The new company will focus on upscale, converged audio and video systems including specialized audio applications, large-scale visual display, and sophisticated control and transport systems.

Asked about timing, the state of the industry, and the economy, McNutt responded, “Actually, this is a perfect time to start a new company. Opportunity costs are low; potential for the future is high. We are excited about the possibilities in our industry as the economy returns to health. We are positioning db Integrated Systems to be among the leaders in the converged integration market.”

Witz’s expertise in live concert systems and the recognition of db Sound around the world makes db Integrated Systems a strong entity from the start. The experience that Wicker and McNutt bring in systems integration and business development makes a well rounded team. db Integrated Systems is located at 501 db Drive in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Their currently vacant web address is www.dbintegratedsystems.com.

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David McNutt
db Integrated Systems