The crews for MJF 2001 are:

Meyer Sound Production
Mark Johnson – Production Mgr.
Public Relations Mgr. at Meyer Sound

Greg McVeigh – Production Coord.
U. S. Sales Mgr. at Meyer Sound

Dave “dB Dave” Dennison – SIM Engineer/FOH Engineer Stravinski Auditorium
Freelance Live, Recording and SIM Engineer

Pablo Espinosa – SIM Engineer/FOH Engineer Miles Davis Hall
Customer Service Mgr. at Meyer Sound

Todd Meier – RMS/Internet Engineer
Design Services Mgr. at Meyer Sound

Paul Kohut – Systems Engineer
Senior Design Engineer at Meyer Sound

Stephanie Ballew – Load Out/Export Supervisor
Customer Service/Sales Supervisor

Montreux Jazz Festival
André Vouilloz – Production Coordination technique

Stravinski Auditorium
Christoph Stahel – Production Mgr.
Thomas Mendel – Stage Mgr.
Oliver “Aldo” Pedron – Front of House
Yannick Olivier – Monitors

Miles Davis Hall
Michel Baud-Bovy – Production Mgr.
Sven Wenger – Stage Mgr.
Daniel Laurent – Front of House
Stephane Tornare – Monitors

Festival Off
Robert Luisier – Front of House

Montreux Jazz Café
Alain Bertolini – Stage Mgr.
Benoit Saillet – FOH

Sound Companies
Hyperson Sonorisation SA (Switzerland)– Pierre-Andre Aebischer
Dispatch (France) – Marco DeFouquiers
RockSound (Germany) – Lothar Strunk
Sound Hire (UK) – Richard Lienard
Joker Systems (Switzerland)– Bernard Martinelli

Swiss Cheese & Chocolate Co. (Switzerland) – Bobby Leiser

Reference Labs (Italy) – Angelo Tordini