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August 2001

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My Fair Lady

Eliza, Henry, and the gang are back in a National Theatre production directed by Trevor Nunn, which has moved to the West End for an open run. The show’s designers are Anthony Ward (sets and costumes), David Hersey (lighting), and Paul Groothuis (sound). Major equipment includes Vari*Lite (VL6s and VL7s), DHA (Digital Light Curtain and a new YoYo design), Cadac (main console), Yamaha (02R, 03D, DME32 matrix system), Meyer, EAW, and much more. Mike Mann reports.

Aida on Tour

Designed by Bob Crowley and LD Natasha Katz, Disney’s Broadway production of Aida is now on the road enjoying its first national tour. Crowley’s Tony Award-winning sets have undergone some revisions for the road, mostly to add “tourability and portability.” The new sets were built by Showmotion in Norwalk, CT., where they were re-engineered to fit a wide range of theatres. Katz’s Tony Award-winning lighting was also revisited for the tour, with a little less equipment going along. Much of the touring rig came from Fourth Phase and includes products from ETC, Wybron, MDG, Vari-Lite, and Bowen. The show travels with a large flying unit in two sections with self-contained motors, like a rock-and-roll tour, with an eye toward fast load-ins. Ellen Lampert-Gréaux reports.

themed attraction: Universal Studios Japan

LD Tom Ruzika was the man on the spot for the opening of Universal Studios Japan, Universal’s newest movie-based theme park. The park-wide lighting features ETC Source Fours and various automated fixtures by High End Systems. The new Snoopy attraction is one of the most theatrical and colorful, with Cyberlights and Rosco gobo rotators adding to the fun. Lighting for some of the attractions is run by Rosco/ET Horizon playback units, while most of the ride attraction lighting is run by Anitech Media Pro 4000 lighting control modules. Ellen Lampert-Gréaux reports.

film: Planet of the Apes

Rick Baker may already have six Oscars, but his latest project is any makeup artist’s dream job--the remake of Planet of the Apes, directed by Tim Burton. Turning such human actors as Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Roth, and Michael Clarke Duncan into chimps, gorillas, and orangutans is the task left to Baker and costume designer Colleen Atwood, while Rick Heinrichs creates their simian habitats. By John Calhoun and Scott Essman.

concerts: U2

U2 kicks off the concert season with another innovative, groundbreaking production, which heads to Europe after an initial stop in the US. The show, which features a custom stage built by Tait Towers, includes a lift system done by Brilliant Stages. Willie Williams’ lighting rig includes Vari*Lite 2416s, PIGI projectors from Production Arts, and a variety of fixed instruments provided by Light and Sound Design. The show also features a videowall that's incorporated into the stage, as well as four video screens providing content-specific IMAG. XL Video of Belgium and Nocturne provided the video. Sharon Stancavage reports.

technology: Getting the Most Out of Lamps

Noted LD Ted Ferreira begins a series of technical stories for ED on lighting design issues with a discussion of lamp technology: How designers can squeeze more lumens out of existing watts, how theatre lighting can become more energy-efficient by using alternative options in lamps, the use of low-wattage metal halides in theme parks and retail, halogen IR lamps in cycs, and PAR retrofit kits instead of traditional PAR lamps. Participating manufacturers include Phillips, GE, Osram Sylvania, Thorn, and Ushio.

business report: Coping With Knockoffs

What steps can manufacturers take to combat those cheap, quickie knockoffs of existing products that inevitably crop up overseas? John McKeon talks to representatives from ETC, Clay Paky, City Theatrical, Mackie, QSC, and Soundcraft.

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