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Ubiquitous director Sam Mendes’ controversial revival of the classic show business musical feature Bernadette Peters in the role of Mama Rose and a design team consisting of Anthony Ward (sets and costumes), Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer (lights), and Acme Sound Partners (sound). Sets were constructed by Hudson Scenic Studios, with computer motion control and automation of fly rigging by Feller Precision. SHOWTRAK Computer Motion Control for scenery and rigging. Sound supplied by Sound Associates; lighting by Fourth Phase and Vari-Lite Inc. Soft goods by I. Weiss. Audio equipment provided by L'Acoustics, Meyer, d&b, DPA, Sennheiser, Cadac, TC Electronics, XTA, Neumann, and Bruel & Kjar.


Blue Man Group
Having conquered theatrical stages and Vegas showrooms, the Blue Men take on the touring world, hitting the road in support of their new album, The Complex, with design by Marc Brickman and Mark Janowitz. Lighting gear includes High End PC Beams, Vari*Lite VL1000s and VL2402s, Morpheus ColorFaders™, Altman black lights, Wybron shutters, Martin Atomic strobes. Audio products supplied by JBL, Audio Analysts, Crown, Yamaha, Clear-Com, Tascam, Denon, BSS, XTA, Roland, Lexicon, MXR, Columbus McKinnon, Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, Countryman, and Audio Technica. Projection equipment supplied by Screenvision, Scharff Weisberg, Lighthouse, 3D Studio-Max, and Dataton. Equipment also provided by Diversitronics, ETC, Tomcat, Show Distribution, ReelEFX, VLPS LA, SGPS/Show Rig, and Production Solutions Inc. David Johnson reports.


Hillsong Church
Billed as Australia’s largest house of worship, the recently opened space for Hillsong Church features a 3,500-seat auditorium, a large youth meeting hall, and college lecture theatres. The adjacent Hillsong Convention Center is fitted with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and media equipment, making it one of the most technologically advanced buildings of its kind in Australia. Audio Equipment supplied by Soundcraft, Denon, TC Electronic, Marantz, EAW, Crown, Shure, Yamaha, Tascam, Australian Monitor, Behringer, Alesis Quadraverb, Aphex, DBX, and Amcron. Lighting equipment supplied by Jands, Martin Professional, LSC, Grand MA, Varilite, Studio Due, Selecon, Desisti, ETC, Kupo, Jem, and Pathway Connectivity. Catriona Strom reports.

Laban Centre
One of Europe’s leading institutions for dance training, the new state-of the art Laban Centre features an array of dance studios, a 100-seat lecture theatre and a 300 seat theatre. British Harlequin provided all those comfy floors. Theater lighting supplied by White Light – includes Robert Juliat fresnels, ETC Source Four profiles, Strand Orion battens and fresnels, ChromaQ scrollers, and Thomas Parcans and cyc battens. Theater dimming and installation by Northern Light using Strand LD 90 and ETC Expression desk. Also includes audio products from Allen & Heath, Denon, and Sony CD players. Stagetec suppiled show relay and other equipment. Ellen Lampert-Greaux reports.

Also in this issue...

Rusty Strauss picks his favorite tour stops from around the country. Who’s on the list?

Jim van Bergen discusses multi-channel communications systems.

Vari-Lite's Bob Schacherl discusses the current challenges facing the international lighting market.

A roundup of new gear from AC Lighting, Alcons, Alphaton, Antari, Apex, Concert Audio, Entertainment Technology, Innova SON, Martin Audio, Martin, PCM & Slingco, Pulsar, Robe Show Lighting, Robert Juliat, SGM, Selecon, and VXCO Lighting Systems.

PLUS: A roundup of international projects from around the world
Sexual Perversity in Chicago/West End: Vendors include Triple E, E/T/C Audio Visuel.
Eurovision: Equipment for the project was supplied by Barco and High End
Cats & The Lion King in Japan: Equipment from Total Structures
Tell Me On A Sunday/West End: Sound products provided by Marquee Audio, Yamaha, and Sennheiser
Westlife World Tour: XL Video and Bandit UK Wigwam
Blur UK shows: Vendors include Entec, Clay Paky, Vari-Lite, Martin, Diversitronics, Pani, James Thomas, Avolites, XL Video, Barco, Midas, Yamaha, Crest, Nexo, and Lexicon
Royal National Theatre roundup: DHA, Pani, Pigi Ragtime: Autograph, Meyer, BSS, d&b, Sennheiser, Earthworks, Neumann
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