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Special Report: Education

Design School vs. Tech School: Which One Is Best for You?
Should aspiring designers receive only artistic training for their craft, or should they learn about the more technical details of the job? Conversely, do technicians only need to know about the nuts and bolts, or should they gain an appreciation of the artistic side of the business? Ted Ferreira talks to representatives from a variety of educational institutions about this topic, including North Carolina School for the Arts, the University of Cincinnati, Kansas State University, UCLA, Cal Arts, DePaul, SUNY Purchase, Carnegie Mellon, the Yale School of Drama, New York City Technical College, and Full Sail.

Who’s Next: Our Annual Roundup of Tyro Talents
This year's young guns include lighting designer DM Wood, set designer Dipu Gupta, costume designer Mimi O'Donnell, sound designer Jill DuBoff, and projection designer Michael Clark.


Themed Venues:Texas Two–Step
Judy Rubin takes a look at two very different projects in the Lone Star State: Texas Wild! at the Ft. Worth Zoo and Texas Spirit Theatre at Bob Bullock’s Texas State History Museum in Austin. The former is a $40–million, eight–acre re-creation of the state’s wildlife; participating vendors include Edwards Technologies, John Levy Lighting, Scenery West, Technifex, Alcorn McBride, EAW, QSC, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Gentner, Rane, Atlas Soundolier, Extron, OWI, Shure, JBL, Diversitronics, Strand, Special FX, and Rosco. The latter is a 200–seat venue with three screens, high-definition imagery, flying scenery, fixed sets, and many special effects. Participating vendors include BRC Imagination Arts, JR Clancy, Electrosonic, Scenario, Digital Projection, Rosco, Sanyo, Akai, Peavey, ETC, Wildfire, Altman, City Theatrical, Mee Fog, JBL, and Tannoy.

Film: From Hell
In the latest from Allen and Albert Hughes (Menace II Society), production designer Martin Childs (Oscar winner for Shakespeare in Love) recreated a 25,000-sq.-ft. section of the seedy Whitechapel district of London, grim home to Jack the Ripper's victims, in a field in Prague. Though the thriller is based on a graphic novel, Childs opted for realism in his rendering of the neighborhood, from its saloons, hovels, and opium dens to the authentic cobblestones that make up its streets. John Calhoun reports.

Designer Business: Student Productions
What happens when professional designers work on college theatre productions? Everybody learns something. Participating colleges include Loyola, San Francisco State University, University of Michigan, University of Denver, Duke, and Cal Arts. Davi Napoleon reports.

Technology: Performer-Controlled Stage Environments
Jeff Burke of UCLA’s Hyper Media Studio discusses a recent project his group did on a mainstage production of Ionesco’s Macbett, in which sensors were used to allow performers to directly affect production equipment. What are the design implications of this still-emerging technology?

Centerline Q&A:
A chat with lighting designer (and NYU Design School instructor) Heather Carson.

Tales from the History Project:
The latest installment of interviews with lighting industry pioneers features Dick Wolpert from Union Connector.
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