Leading audio specialist Autograph Sales has supplied and installed a complete Meyer Sound loudspeaker system at Queen's University, Belfast, in its brand new and unique Sonic Arts Research Centre.

This Sonic Laboratory Concert Hall, where the installation took place, has a steel mesh floor to allow diffusion from speakers above and below the audience, all of which are driven independently by ProTools. The system was set-up by Autograph Sales' technical department using Meyer Sound's SIM II analyzer to align the system to perfection.

A total of 32 Meyer Sound loudspeakers were supplied; 16 UPJ-1Ps and 16 UPM-1Ps. Four 'rings' of eight speakers are either suspended or mounted on stands at different heights, while an additional four Meyer Sound UMS-1P subs were strategically placed around the venue. Further equipment included a custom rigging system designed by Autograph Sales, and hybrid power/signal cable from Reference Laboratories.

"Having created a near-silent working environment, the right choice of loudspeaker was essential," says Michael Alcorn, director, Sonic Arts Research Centre. "Autograph Sales conducted extensive noise tests and provided a demonstration of the Meyer Sound loudspeakers, proving they were the right cabinets for the job."

The Sonic Arts Research Centre was opened last month by the famous contemporary composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and the Concert Hall hosted its first performance, by John Chowning, the renowned Professor of new music from Stanford University in California.