Dedo Weigert Film's Dedolight 400D, wireless microphone systems for movie production from both Sennheiser Electronic and Lectrosonics, and Airstar America's Airstar Lighting Balloons are among the achievements being considered by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Scientific and Technical Awards Committee for upcoming honors. The committee meets Dec. 4 to make recommendations to the Academy's board of governors. The awards will be given out in a special ceremony March 1, 2003, three weeks before the 75th annual Academy Awards presentation.

The Dedolight 400D

The 18 technical achievements being considered by the committee also include Zaxcom's Deva Digital Audio Disk Recorder; Alias/Wavefront's Maya software; PDI/DreamWorks' facial animation system; Side Effects Software's Houdini; Mental Images' Mental Ray software; the Walt Disney Company's Deep Canvas rendering system; Deluxe Laboratories' Deluxe Worldwide Printing System; Cineric's restoration process involving the use of color positive print film to create yellow mattes; Eastman Kodak's Vision Premier 2393 color print film; Hollywood Film Co.'s fully automated, computer-controlled proofing printer, Pacific Title & Arts Studio's reduction of color anomalies in yellow layer dye fading; Kish Optics' Ultimate Director's Finder; Kinoton America's Kinoton FP 30/38 EC high-speed studio projector; and Jimmie Songer's video assist.

The Dedolight 400D, a daylight fixture for single-ended HMI lamps, will be demonstrated Oct. 22 at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, along with Kodak's Vision Premier stock, the Kish Optics viewfinder, and the Pacific Title and Cineric restoration processes. Check the Academy website for more details.