AC Lighting Inc. has officially announced that it has been appointed as the North American distributor for Artistic Licence, the UK-based developer of specialist control products and test equipment for the entertainment lighting industry.

In addition to maintaining a significant stock of a wide range of Artistic Licence products, AC will be offering full technical support and system design services.

Bob Gordon, president and CEO of AC Lighting, sees the addition of the Artistic Licence product range as a natural progression: "Here at AC we are all about providing people with solutions to their problems," Gordon explains. "Artistic Licence have won numerous industry awards for their intelligent and creative product line, and we see their range as providing inventive solutions to number of issues".

"We've had a very positive relationship with AC Lighting Inc over the years, both in the development of new products and in the application of existing ones," adds Wayne Howell, managing director of Artistic Licence. "However it's now time for us to have a more concentrated focus on the North American market and cement our relationship. AC Lighting, with their extensive experience in selling and supporting high technology products, are the ideal partners."