At PLASA 04, ChamSys

celebrated the launch of their new MagicQ consoles, which utilize the latest components from the telecommunications industry and advanced production techniques, by demonstrating its powerful performance: the MagicQ 100 console controlled a Hippotizer media server with live retrieval of the media thumbnails onto the console.

MagicQ is ideally suited to control media servers and all the associated control parameters through its eight separate encoder wheels. With full Cue Stack capability on every playback fader, it becomes easy to control highly cued shows. The distributed design will allow future systems to control an almost unlimited number of channels. (ChamSys expects to be in a leading position to support the new Advanced Control Network (ACN) protocol.)

MagicQ allows simultaneous control of lighting, video, LED and lasers from one console, enabling powerful mixing of different show elements. The use of external media servers ensures that performance of the console is not impacted by processor hungry media operations. Its familiar layout and large color touchscreen make it an easy step for desk operators and programmers alike.

MagicQ PC
ChamSys also launched their PC version of the MagicQ consoles, MagicQ PC. The software is free to download from ChamSys' website and has exactly the same functionality as the consoles. Unlike other PC-based software, it is not limited to working as an off-line editor: it outputs six universes just like the MagicQ consoles. With standard Ethernet to DMX boxes/DMX interface dongles you have a complete Hog PC-style lighting desk from your laptop. For extra control you can connect the MagicQ PC wing via USB.