Serapid recently joined ESTA, the Entertainment Services Technology Association.

Current ESTA members include dealers, manufacturers, distributors, service and production companies, scenic houses, designers, and consultants involved in the entertainment industry.

Serapid manufactures custom-designed stage, orchestra, and piano lifts as well as stage wagons for horizontal motion. Their systems are installed in theatres, show venues, and concert halls worldwide, as well as in several major cruise lines.

Serapid’s patented LinkLift accommodates high trim lifting applications quietly, smoothly and safely. The shape and locking technique of the links make it capable of extra-high rigidity and strength. A wide range of sizes are available, with each being capable of lifting loads from one to ten tons. It can be as compact as seven inches and extend to lengths of up to 23 feet. The LinkLift is also able to absorb tensile forces, such as those found through seismic vibrations or the wave motions on a cruise ship.

Serapid’s horizontal motion systems feature high transfer speeds and low noise levels. The silent chain technology, which incorporates highly soundproof materials for the chain rollers and guides, lets the stage wagons glide along at a whisper. This also allows the wagon to cross tracks and travel on multiple levels. It can move 77,000 pounds per chain at a speed of up to 200 feet per minute!

Their newest product is the Telescopic Seating Module (TSM) for use in telescopic seating and retractable bleacher systems. The TSM is rigid in one direction and compact in the other, allowing for minimal storage space. By automating the opening and closing of seating systems, multipurpose venues are able to optimize use of their event space. Models are available for thrust loads of up to 3600 pounds of force, stroke lengths of up to 100 feet, and speeds of up to 20 feet per minute.