In order to keep the ETCP examinations fresh and current, the Subject Matter Experts have written new questions for the Theatre Rigging examination. ETCP is set to launch these questions September 1, 2012. To gather the statistical data necessary to properly score the exam, it is essential that as many Theatre Riggers as possible are tested during the month of September. To further this initiative, the test administration fee of $675 for groups of ten or more will be waived for the month of September. Candidate application fees will still apply and score reports will be delayed during this time.

A new test form was also created for Arena Rigging and will be launched July 1. Registered candidates and those interested in applying can assist in gathering data for these exams by testing at one of the 190 computer-based testing centers during that month.

ETCP will send a proctor to you, but space must be provided by your organization. You can find a list of testing requirements online (click here for the form) prior to the exam date, and candidate application deadlines will be set by the Certification Manager. Candidates must fill out the “Pre-arranged Paper and Pencil Application Form,” available on the website.

If your organization is interested in offering other onsite paper and pencil examinations, please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager, at 212-244-1505 or

Candidate information, including eligibility requirements and applications, is available on the ETCP website.