As of August 1st, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (SEC) will no longer be the distributor for InnovaSON digital audio consoles in the US. The distribution agreement is being terminated by mutual agreement to allow SEC to focus its resources on other core product segments and InnovaSON to set up a new North American outlet for its consoles to support the growing market for digital live mixing desks.

"Having InnovaSON as a distributed brand gave all of us at SEC a unique insight into the intricacies and technology of digital consoles and the value they provide to today's audio systems," says Jeff Alexander, SEC's vice president of sales. "We've enjoyed working with InnovaSON and wish them continued success."

"SEC has done a great job opening the door for InnovaSON in the USA over the past few years when digital consoles were often considered ahead of their time," says Nick Cook, commercial director, InnovaSON. "We will now be looking to put in place a support and sales structure which can capitalize on all the hard work SEC has put in."

SEC will continue to provide technical support and warranty service on all InnovaSON products throughout the established warranty period. InnovaSON will be releasing its plans for sales and technical support for North America shortly.