The 2005 PLASA Show (September 11-14, Earls Court, London) seminar and workshop program delivers practical skills on new technologies, business-focused discussions that address today’s key issues, and a series of inspirational sessions that highlight just how creative this industry is. The following is a selection of the sessions offered, which have been designed to reflect recent developments across the industry, while also focusing on the technologies and ideas of tomorrow. The complete PLASA 2005 program can be found at

Systems Integration–A Precursor to Universal Show Control? The increasing use of digital networking has enabled the control of equipment to be handled centrally, yet there still exists a divide between lighting, sound, stage automation, and video as they continue down their increasingly divergent roads. Will they ever come together? In this session, eminent manufacturers and experts in control technologies discuss what they are planning.

Digital Scenography–The virtual way forward? aims to uncover where the virtual revolution in lighting and projection will take the industry. It will explore the use of computer visualization and virtual reality techniques in the design and production process, and assess their impact on the future of live performance.

Led by the team that brought an LED system to UK television and picked up an award in the process, When LED Came To GMTV will outline how many challenges were overcome to deliver an energy efficient and innovative lighting system.

Screen Technologies: Future of Media Displays looks at the scope of sophisticated servers, processors, and high brightness daylight screens and the growing application of multi-media displays–from high-profile television sets to stadium advertising banners–and digital signage in public spaces, and what is coming next.

Digital Audio Networking–Platforms and Protocols will offer a clear look at current digital networking and Ethernet-based infrastructure solutions.

Digital Turntablism and Mixing Workshop (September 11, 1pm) will look at how advances in digital technology have changed the dynamics of dance mixing. The session will look at the virtual DJ studio–the mixing of MP3 files, the future of vinyl emulation, and digitally-encoded vinyl.

The Future of the DVJ and Vision Mixing workshop (September 11, 2.30pm) provides an overview of all the latest graphics software, outlining just how the evolution in computers has allowed for VJ-specific programs to be produced with easy accessibility. Discussing DVD mixing, and the affordability of Solid State HDD.

The Safe Use of Lasers will offer an overview of the essentials of safely using low-cost, low-quality products, especially when operated by untrained staff.

Disastrous Sound Systems–Can You Ensure Your VA System Will Be Heard? will examine how specifiers and installers can guarantee their sound system’s performance, ensure its intelligibility and prove that it meets the relevant standards. PLASA’s seminar program isn’t only about the technologies however, the business landscape is constantly shifting and companies need to respond effectively. In The Challenges Facing Businesses, leading companies will take part in a discussion session exploring how business and the industry has changed in the last ten years.

Big Ideas?–From Concept to Reality gives leading innovators a platform to explain how they made their ideas work.

The complete PLASA 2005 program can be found at Visitor registration for the show is now open, and the fully integrated website provides essential show information, including an up-to-date exhibitor list and floorplan, an easy-to-use online registration system, and a full listing of all the seminars.