The recent New Zealand premiere of Boris Godunov by the New Zealand Opera came complete with a compelling story, operatic grandeur, theatrical excitement, and a star from Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre in the title role. This opera tells the story of Tsar Boris Godunov’s guilt over the murderous crime that brought him to power and placed him at odds with his people. Eventually falling victim to his own conscience and the power of the Russian people, fate and madness close in to reach a terrifying climax.

Selecon supplied lighting designer Tony Rabbit with 26 Pacific MSRs fitted with dowsers and 1,200W Pacific 80V units which he used to achieve some stunning lighting effects. The dowser is a modular accessory which slots into the front of the Pacific lamp house with the desired lens system mounted onto the dowser. The visually even fade is achieved by graduated photo-etched glass blades which are driven across the light beam by stepper motors.

Four Pacific 1,200W 80Vs were used in the Coronation scene, when Boris Godunov is crowned Tsar of Russia, giving a menacing glow. The MSRs gave a frosty white effect pivotal to the Brechtian look of the show, to conjure up a cold and wintry Moscow, also tying in with the psychological thriller aspect of the opera.

Director and international opera lighting designer Matthew Richardson says, "I am very impressed with the output of the Pacific MSR and the smoothness of the dowser dimming action."

Photos: Stephen A’Court