The Scharff Weisberg Media Resource Center (MRC) recently completed another high-profile media arts project formatting, encoding, and authoring several hours of content to DVD for Art Basel Miami Beach, the American sister event of Switzerland’s Art Basel, the renowned international art show.

A new type of cultural event, Art Basel Miami Beach combined art exhibits by established artists and cutting-edge newcomers with a program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events, including music, film, architecture, and design. Exhibition sites, open December 7-10, were located in the city’s celebrated Art Deco District with artists, collectors, dealers, curators, critics, and art enthusiasts from around the world in attendance.

Video art was the key component of the Art Basel Miami Beach Video Lounge exhibition. Scharff Weisberg MRC formatted over 15 hours of complex video art from across the globe and mastered it to DVDs that played in rotation throughout the event.

“We received the materials in every tape format imaginable,” noted MRC’s Josh Nissim (general manager). “It was challenging to deal with all of the different aspect ratios and standards, but nonetheless, a thrill to view all of this very interesting and eclectic work.”

Scharff Weisberg has been working with Christopher Eamon since 1999 on system design and post-production for various exhibitions and collections. “I have an ongoing relationship with Scharff Weisberg,” commented Eamon, curator of the program. “I chose them for their efficiency, the ease of working with them, and the quality of their work.”

In addition to Art Basel Miami Beach, Scharff Weisberg MRC has recently lent its expertise in encoding and authoring to exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art, New York and The Queens (NY) Museum of Art.