Following a successful 2002 launch and significant expansion, Scharff Weisberg Lighting is moving out of its current space into a new space optimized to accommodate the needs of its growing customer base. The design of the new facility and its proximity to Scharff Weisberg’s main office—both in Long Island City—will allow the operation to work more efficiently.

"This new space and its location will translate into even better levels of service for our customers," comments Scharff Weisberg Partner, Josh Weisberg. "The lighting company staff did an incredible job servicing clients and creating a great reputation for the business out of the original facility on 11th Avenue. The new space, which is larger and much easier to work within, presents far fewer logistical challenges. In addition, the space is set up in anticipation of the future growth we fully expect will take place."

The new 28,000-square foot space fully occupies a single-story warehouse building in Long Island City, Queens and is easily accessible from the 59th Street Bridge and Midtown Tunnel. It features four drive-up loading bays and many other amenities, including 20' ceilings and large open areas for order prep. The building is located two blocks from the nearest subway stop and three blocks from the main Scharff Weisberg Inc. office.

"We knew when we started the lighting company that we would face the challenge of growth," added Scharff Weisberg Partner, Peter Scharff. "The new space will enable us to offer even better service, more easily respond to our customer needs as well as continue to build and expand our inventory."

With all the new products the company has purchased, Scharff Weisberg will be putting its additional space to immediate use. Scharff Weisberg Lighting’s General Manager, Ben Saltzman, added "We now feature an expanded line of television and grip equipment, more moving lights, Colorkinetics LED products, and an ever-increasing inventory of truss, chain-motors, rigging and hardware."

Scharff Weisberg is known for its high-profile work in numerous industries including broadcast and cable television, corporate presentations, Broadway, special events, themed environments, retail environments, and high-end consumer applications, and even received a 2004 EDDY Award for its achievements in these areas.

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