Scharff Weisberg Lighting has made a number of additions to its inventory designed to accommodate the ever-expanding needs of its customer base.

In addition to taking delivery on several MA Lighting grandMA moving-light control consoles, the company has expanded its inventory of WDS wireless-dimming systems and Colorkinetics iFlex LED products. Scharff Weisberg Lighting will be hosting a two-day grandMa training class on September 21 and 22 (seats are limited, so reserve early). Scharff Weisberg Lighting will also be holding an open house to demonstrate all of its new products (date to be announced).

"We’re excited to have the innovative grandMA console available for our clients," comments Scharff Weisberg Lighting’s Ben Saltzman. "It’s very powerful with either moving or conventional fixtures and it handles media servers better than other boards, which is really important to us. It combines superior engineering with a deep feature set and can control over 32,000 parameters. Also, its multi-user mode will allow up to 30 programmers to work on one file over an Ethernet network." In addition, grandMA comes with a suite of free off-line software, including the grandMA 3D Visualizer.

Scharff Weisberg Lighting has also increased its inventory of WDS wireless dimming systems. The WDS System is compact, durable, economical and easy to use. DMX 512 control data from any standard DMX 512 source is input to the WDS transmitter, which broadcasts to the WDS receiver(s).

The Colorkinetics iColor® Flex is another in the burgeoning field of LED lighting products. It is a versatile LED "string light." Each strand of iColor Flex is comprised of 50 individually addressable, tri-color nodes (150 LEDs total) spaced 4 to 12" apart. Scharff Weisberg has already provided iColor Flex hardware and programming to the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia.

For more information, call 718-482-1208.