Robe Show Lighting has announced its latest Weather Protection products, the LightDome 1200 and 575 and the WeatherShield 1200 and 575. The fixtures are designed for exterior applications a growing trend – in both entertainment and architectural areas. The 1200 and 575 LightDomes are easy to rig and designed to encase Robe’s 1200 and 575 series of luminaires.

The luminaire´s base is fixed onto the LightDome’s luminaire holder by four quick-lock fasteners, and this in turn fixes to the base of the Dome by another four quick-lock fasteners. The cables are run in through an air vent. The moving light sits inside the Dome in a sealed environment protected from all types of inclement weather - dirt, snow, wind, rain, etc.

The Domes are made from tough 0.2mm thick special transparent non-flammable PVC-P film and are IP-44 rated. Once sat inside the Dome. the Robe fixture functions as normal, with all effects available, etc. The Dome base is constructed from 3mm aluminium and finished in black.

The unit can also be hung upside down on a truss using Robe’s Omega holders. The holders are installed on the bottom of the base and the rain-cover is fixed by seven screws to cover the inflow and outflow apertures on the base.

Robe’s LightDomes are also equipped with a back-up UPS that keeps the Dome inflated for eight minutes in the event of power failure, providing projection against the plastic Dome collapsing on top of a hot fixture.

For less extreme meteorological conditions still requiring some weather protection, Robe’s WeatherShields are an excellent way to protect the bases of all fixtures in the 1200 and 575 AT ranges from mild rain, drizzle, snow and water. Made from flame-retardant ABS, the Shields fit perfectly into the 1200 and 575 bases in a swift and straightforward operation. The WeatherShields also offer pre-holes for the mounting of Omega holders, allowing units to be truss mounted, complete with rubber covers for effective rain protection.