is pleased to announce the addition of Rob “Lucky” Ludlow to the UK Sales Department. Although young in years and energy, Ludlow is a veteran of the industry. Originally from South Africa, Ludlow moved to London, where he worked for ETC Europe and then for White Light. From this background as both a TMB vendor and customer, he developed a platonic relationship with Paul Hartley and many other TMB folks. Not put off by hard work and recognizing the inevitable, Lucky decided to take the TMB challenge.

Do the red shoes have anything to do with getting lucky?

Lucky is well liked in the entertainment lighting industry and, in addition to sales, TMB will utilize his talents to research and help develop new and innovative products. Even Rob’s nickname has TMB origins: Suffice to say, it originated from fun and frolic at the Frankfurt Pro Light and Sound Show, Lucky Strike cigarettes, and trying to get “lucky.”

“Anyone who confuses a pack of Lucky Strikes with a pack of something else and has the honesty to talk about it,” says TMB European general manager Paul Hartley, “is our kind of dude!”

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