The latest addition to Selecon's range of ellipsoidals–the 45-75 Pacific Zoom–delivers angles from an ellipsoidal in a precise well controlled beam. Until now angles much beyond 50º have not been available from an ellipsoidal for the theatre lighting industry, other than with a few products like Selecon's Pacific 90º fixed beam zoomspot.

Now with the versatility of a zoom system, you choose your required angle from 45º to 75º for precise area illumination or pattern projection. From a throw of 13’ the Pacific 45-75 delivers a beam adjustable from 11’-20’ in diameter.

The Pacific 45-75 opens up new creative possibilities in both entertainment and architectural lighting, whether for full body shots from close inside stage positions or for texturing the complete set using only a few fixtures.

The Pacific 45-75 lens tube can be used with any Pacific light source, including mains voltage tungsten halogen (575W, 750W, 1000W); 575W MSR and 70/150W CDM). The Pacific Zoom 45-75 is available to try in your theatre now, contact Barbizon Chicago or go to .

The Selecon 45-75 Pacific Zoom