Jay Glerum, Delbert Hall, Columbus McKinnon, Tomcat USA...great names in the rigging industry from ETCP certified instructors to leading manufacturers who know that safety comes first.. all in the Rigging Bootcamp at LDI2011. Roll up your sleeves and rev up your brains for some great rigging training, and earn ETCP renewal credits while you learn.

Check listings for prices and ETCP credits:
L37 - Stage Rigging Fundamentals
L39 - Rigging Math (Made Simple)
L40 - Rigging Tools, Tips and Tricks
L41 - What will it REALLY hold?
L42 - CM-ET Hoist Maintenance Schools
L43 - “Strength Under Pressure” – What makes a Truss system safe... Tomcat USA

Register by September 23 for lower prices and get ready for the rigors of rigging bootcamp at LDI.

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