A revised version of ANSI E1.11 - 2004, Entertainment Technology--USITT DMX512-A, Asynchronous Serial Digital Data Transmission Standard for Controlling Lighting Equipment and Accessories, is available for public review on the ESTA website through July 7, 2008.

ANSI E1.11, and this revised draft version, BSR E1.11, describes a protocol for transmitting digital data used to control entertainment lighting equipment and accessories. Entertainment lighting equipment and accessories includes, but is not limited to, dimmers, robotic luminaires, color changers, robotic mirrors, dousers, color wheels, motion effects wheels, and pattern rotators. The revision is being done to correct errors and to clarify text, and to add an Alternate START Code for UTF-8 transmission so that languages other English can be used for sending diagnostic text messages.

In addition to being asked to review the BSR E1.11 document to see if it is technically correct and clearly written, reviewers are asked to look for protected intellectual property in the draft standard. ESTA does not warrant that its standards contain no protected intellectual property, but it also does not intend to adopt any standard that requires the use of protected intellectual property, unless that property is necessary for technical reasons and can be licensed and used by anyone without prejudice or preference for a reasonable fee. Any protected intellectual property in the document should be pointed out in the comments.