After much demanding, haranguing, and even threats, we are bringing back How-Tos. We will even consider How-Don’ts, or Things You Should Not Do as well.

Entertainment Design will be publishing its special supplement, Theatre Crafts: Then and Now in the November issue. It’s How-To mania!

That's right, we'll be including all sorts of tips and tricks of the trade submitted by designers, techs, and other behind-the-scenes gurus of the stage. If you've solved a particularly tricky problem lately and want to share your secret with the rest of the world, please send your How-Tos, about 100-200 words (with pictures, if applicable) to Michael Eddy at

For digital images, we prefer TIFF format and 300 DPI or higher resolution. High resolution JPEG formatted images will work as well.

We're especially interested in lighting solutions, but all ideas are welcome.

Please send all entries by Monday, September 9.