The 5th Occasional T.W.E.B. Fishing Tournament sponsored by TMB, Wybron, ETC and Barbizon was held Thursday, November 1st at East Lake Fish Camp on East Lake Tohopekaliga.

The tournament, also billed as "For Those Too Young To Golf" is held whenever the tournament directors and sponsors can agree, but generally when LDI is held in Orlando. Good fun was had by all and no fish (real or animatronic) were hurt during this production. All fish were safely released after the weigh-in. There are photos on the TMB web site where you too can observe humans and fish interacting and fashion being desecrated. After the weigh-in, everyone had a shore lunch and swapped fish stories about the ones that got away.

See The Pictures!

A big round of thanks go to Cynthia McKenny from TMB for her tireless efforts in organizing the outing, as well as wrangling fishing guides and participants and all at 5:00 AM! This year all of the fishing licenses were handled prior to our arrival at the fish camp, making for a smooth launch.

Final Statistics

1st Place Team: 19 ½ lbs.
Larry Lieberman, Tempest Lighting and Steve Hoffman, GAM Products, Inc.
Guide: John Lynn

2nd Place Team: 18 ¼ lbs.
Troy Dockery, SESCO and guest Enrique Benet
Guide: John Leech

3rd Place Team: 17 ¼ lbs.
Dan Brovarney, Acme Corp Production Services and Silvia Sinclair, ETC
Guide: Jay Turner

1st Biggest Fish: 6 ½ lbs.
Mike Eddy, Primedia Business

2nd Biggest Fish: 5 ¾ lbs.
Troy Dockery

3rd Biggest Fish: 5 ½ lbs.
A joint effort between Larry Lieberman & Steve Hoffman

Biggest Mudfish:
Mark Fetto, Mark Fetto Designs

Best Dressed Participant:
Henry Kones, High End Systems

Additional companies represented at the tournament include Bandit Lites, Boston Illumination Group, Ken Productions, Le Face & McGovern, Lee Filters, Oasis Stage Werks and W.H. Onley and Associates.