Cloud Electronics Ltd. of Sheffield, England has selected RCC Systems, Inc. as its new U.S. distributor. RCC Systems is a distributor of audio and communications products with a 17-year history of providing premium equipment, service, support, and system design to professional contractors and dealers across the U.S.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Cloud Electronics because of their outstanding worldwide reputation and their high quality multi-zone mixers and amplifiers” says Louis Stiffelman, marketing director for RCC Systems. Cloud produces a series of mixers that offer two, three, four and eight zone capability. Cloud’s mixers have become popular in the health club, food service, hotel, night club, and retail industries. Cloud also plans to produce new products that will complement the company’s existing product line and fulfill future needs for additional zones and features.

RCC Systems began distributing Cloud products from its distribution center in St. Louis on December 6. “We look forward to working with RCC Systems to support and strengthen our relationships with our existing U.S. dealers,” says Roy Millington, Cloud’s co-founder.

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