The year 2002 has been a blast (no pun intended) for Pyrotek, working with Kid Rock, Creed, Cash Money, Nelly, Rush, and the UFC. Pyrotek was also involved with the much-anticipated return of Shania Twain at the CMA Awards on November 6, 2002. Everyone’s eyes were on her entrance as she walked out of a smoke screen and fireworks display. Pyrotek was there again with Shania for the half-time show at the Grey Cup in Edmonton on November 24, 2002. 2003 looks like another fun-filled year with upcoming tours with Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, KISS, Shania Twain, and many corporate and sporting events.

Creed "Weathered" tour 2002

Pyrotek Special Effects has also been busy the past few months setting up an office in Las Vegas. Plus, there has been an addition to the Pyrotek family: Pyro Wear. From casual and swimwear to safety, race, and extreme wear, Pyro Wear is a clothing line with an innovative approach to active fashions and accessories. For more information on Pyro Wear go to Also check out Pyrotek’s updated website,