The public review of the draft standard, BSR E1.27-2, Entertainment Technology-Standard for Permanently Installed Control Cables for Use with ANSI E1.11 (DMX512-A) and USITT DMX512/1990 Products, has been extended through December 25, 2006.

The draft standard describes the types of cable to be used to interconnect products that comply with ANSI E1.11-2004 (DMX512-A) or with USITT DMX512/1990 in permanent installations. The description includes definitions of acceptable cable and connector types and the ways in which they may be used. The draft standard and its supporting public review materials are available at ESTA's website.

The review was originally announced to end on November 20, a date that was determined by being 45 days after the expected announcement of the public review in ANSI's weekly publication Standards Action. However, the announcement of the review in ANSI's publication has been delayed until November 10, so the public review ending has been pushed back to December 25. The next Control Protocols Working Group meeting, the meeting at which the public comments will be considered, is scheduled for Saturday, 20 January 2007, at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport Marriott South in Ft. Worth, Texas.

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