Pathway Connectivity's 8-way RDM Repeater opto-splitter is now shipping. It provides full ESTA-RDM support and can operate as both an RDM splitter and a regular DMX splitter.

It comes with useful configuration and troubleshooting features such as a graphical DMX monitor and user selectable status quo hold time. It also offers Pathway’s “self healing” technology, which obsoletes the need for fuses on DMX inputs or outputs. All of these features also make it a good future-resistant choice for existing DMX-only systems.

It will also be fully RoHS compliant starting in June, and it is ETL-listed. Remote Device Management (RDM) is a new enhancement to the DMX protocol. Offered by a growing number of DMX equipment manufacturers, RDM provides a means to discover, configure and monitor dimmers, scrollers, automated lights and other DMX devices.